Bits of Gold New Website!

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We are proud and excited to announce that our new website has been launched. We have made every effort to improve the trading experience and make it easy, simple and accessible for every customer. We listened to all your requests and comments about the previous website and implemented them into our new one.

Spoiler Warning: very soon we will be posting tutorial videos on the site, so if something remains unclear, these should clarify it. The following article presents the main changes that were made in the site and includes relevant images from it. Due to the limited space, we couldn’t include all of these changes in the article, but you are more than welcome to visit our new site and try it out. We’d love to hear your opinion! We are very pleased with the result, are you?

Registration Form
Our new registration form is clear, accessible and most important, arranged by stages. The registration form contains only the details that we are required to ask our customers from a regulatory standpoint. It’s important to us that you know, we take the information you send to us very seriously and make sure it stays private and secure all the time.

Create an order
Our new order interface is simple to operate and user-friendly. At each step during the creation of the order, you can go back and change the information you entered. In addition, you can find a summary of the order’s details up to that moment, including the method of payment, the amount of the order in Fiat and Crypto (Bitcoin / Ethereum), the commission for the transaction, and more. Even after the order has been successfully created, you will be able to receive automatic updates of any change in status from A to Z, just like a pizza delivery – all in real time.

Transparency and Reliability
As a company that believes in open communication and transparency with its customers, one of the things that we put emphasis on the new website is the accessibility of information to the customer. On the new site, we upgraded the order tracking interface so that you can view all the orders you have ever made (buy / sell) and extract all the details you want such as wallet addresses, rates, payment method, exact dates and more.


Products and Services
In the Product and Services category, you can find all the information you need for each product and service in the clearest possible way. Each page includes an explanation of how the product works and what you receive from it, and contains a simple registration form. In addition, we’ve added some relevant questions and answers specific to each product. In this category you can get information about the company’s veteran products and also be exposed to new ones.


About the company, the employees and professional opportunities
In order for you to truly feel as part of us, we have decided to share with you as much information as possible about us and our company. In the new website you can read in detail about our vision and about the values ​​we believe in and act on. More than that, you can get to know our professional staff and the behind-the-scenes people who make Bits of Gold what it is. On the Career page, you can get information about our available positions and professional opportunities at the Company and apply for them. You can also read about our employee’s points of view and about how it feels to work in the Crypto industry, in a developing company located in the financial heart of Tel Aviv.


Our Partners
We choose our business partners carefully and make sure that their professional values ​​are consistent with ours. We work only with regulated and supervised entities, and enable our partners to benefit from new world-wide payment solutions. It is important for us that you also receive information about our partners, since some of them have accompanied us since the establishment of the company. At the “Partners” page you can read about Bank Leumi, the Bitcoin Embassy, ​​the Bitcoin Association, GMT and Simplex, and the type of cooperation we have created with each one. Of course you can leave us business inquiries for new cooperation opportunities.

Affiliate Program
Our affiliate program has been around for a long time and lots of publishers benefit from easily receiving monthly payments as a result of referring customers. Again, we listened to the requests of those who have already taken an active part in the program and upgraded the user interface accordingly.

In the new site, under the personal profile, we created an entire section dedicated to the affiliate where all the information is in one place. In addition to the unique affiliate link and the media library, you can now find the amount of referrals that registered at Bits of Gold through your affiliate link, the number of transactions you have referred to us, their turnover, the commission amounts you’ve made, the next payment date and more.

Support Center
Our new support center is divided into three categories. A “General” category that includes general (but comprehensive) information about the company, the “Cashing Out” category that includes information for businesses, partners, investors and publishers, and the “Frequently Asked Questions” category that includes a full and detailed guide to all Bits of Gold’s services.

We added new questions (also included less common ones) and updated the answers so that they’re even clearer than they were, to provide you with all the information you need in one place. Needless to say, all the information appears in its entirety in Hebrew and in English. If you have not yet received an answer to one or more of your questions, we will be happy to assist you by email or phone.

Eldad, CPO:
“The challenge that we took on ourselves during the last few months was creating a convenient and high quality user experience for our customers, and that’s where we focused all of our efforts. We overhauled the design, content and features based on your feedback. We are a company that is attentive to its customers and therefore we tried to take into consideration everything that bothered you in the previous site and to make it so much better”.