Crypto Exchange Powerhouse: Will Binance Become More Successful Than Big Banks?

5 Min Success So Far Currently ranked second-largest exchange in the world on Live Coin Watch, Binance has had a remarkable rise to success since its inception in 2017. It has since become a powerhouse platform for crypto investors of all sizes. source: The company’s CEO, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, recently celebrated a huge milestone for the […]

Big Banks Probably Aren’t Skeptical of Crypto. Here’s Why.

6 Min Practically since their inception, cryptocurrencies and traditional financial institutions have been at odds with one another.  Created in the wake of the 2009 financial recession that, in many ways, was incited by big banks, cryptocurrencies have continually presented a contrast to these institutions.  In Bitcoin’s founding white paper, the currency’s anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, noted […]

A Bank in Liechtenstein Grew Its Traffic by 900%, by Selling Cryptocurrencies

7 Min The cryptocurrency boom in 2017 truly cemented the status of the cryptocurrency market as the most intriguing market in tech. One of the main reasons for the intrigue is due to the size of the market, even in its infancy and the fact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have a large number of use-cases, increasing […]

Why Are Some of the Largest Crypto-Skeptic Banks Investing in the Crypto Markets?

10 Min Since the beginning of the wide-spread popularity of cryptocurrencies, there have been a number of banks that have been critical of the digital phenomenon. In 2018, the Chairman of the Swiss Bank UBS, Axel Weber stated that “cryptocurrencies are not an investment that we would recommend.” The Bank of America is also taking a pragmatic […]

From Resistance to Adaptation: What Caused These Big Banks to Accept Bitcoin

12 Min Ever since cryptocurrencies began to dominate the public sphere during the boom in 2017 where Bitcoin jumped in price and reached $19,891.00, the regulatory situation surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency projects can be described as murky at best. Around the world, since the advent of Bitcoin and other currencies, banks have been incredibly reluctant to work […]

Bitcoin Pioneers: 5 People Standing Against the Banking System

18 Min In recent times, it seems like cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts are always at war with the banks in their respective countries. Murky regulatory standings and an outright lack of purpose-built framework have been causing difficulties for digital currencies since their inception years ago. When looking for a recent example of this, you do not need […]